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Lorraine Fields



In my circle, it’s been said of me, “if there’s a job out there, Lorraine has done it”. Truth is, I’ve held many jobs in my life; I worked in the food service industry, I worked in a knife factory, I sold Rainbow vacuums, I worked in a cemetery, I was also active duty in the US Navy.

Some of the most rewarding jobs I’ve held are those intimately relating to individuals whether it was through the medical field; I worked on and off in various departments in hospitals for over 30 years, or as an artist doing portraits for families which would include loved ones long departed. My love language is gifts, the giving not receiving. It’s where I have found I can truly express who I am at my core. Mere words do not express the joy I feel in presenting a person or even a family something which they’ve only dreamt about or couldn’t articulate. Becoming a real estate agent has consummated all the rewarding job traits into one for me, on a very personal level.

I gained my license in December of 2020 and along with my husband, Scott, it was off to the races! 90% of our clients are Active-Duty Military or Veteran’s. My husband served 32 years in the US Navy. When he retired, I wondered how we could remain a part of this community we’d given so much of our lives too and loved. Not only are we keeping a finger on the pulse of the military and veteran community through real estate, but we’re also helping to provide a much-needed service as well.

Another rewarding aspect of gaining my license has been to hang it at My Town Properties Memphis. I am honored to be a part of an organization that feel giving back to the community in which we live and work is to gain and be successful. This philosophy that people truly matter is the underlying momentum that has kept me searching for just that right outlet in a career; I believe I have finally found my home.
Scott, my husband, and I have been married 25 years. We celebrated our anniversary this year by renewing our vows. We have four adult children, two of which are married, and two grandchildren, a cat and a dog.

Lorraine Fields
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