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  1. Up front listing consultation that includes:

  2. Pricing report on your home determined from other comparable homes in your area

  3. Complete walkthrough of your home to suggest ways improve your home’s value

  4. Strategic pricing plan to get your home sold for top dollar as quickly as possible

  5. High-quality photos to market your home and attract potential buyers to see it at its best

  6. Access to every active buyer in the market via our MLS system

  7. Your home’s listing posted on over 100 real estate sites, including Zillow,, Redfin, Trulia, and much more

  8. Convenient showing service to handle all of the showing requests and allow you to confirm, deny or reschedule each one (if desired)

  9. My Town Properties Yard sign

  10. Personal consultation and negotiations throughout the entire process

  11. Expertise and knowledge of the real estate laws of your state

  12. No admin fees

  13. Heavy social media marketing

  14. Hosting and marketing for open houses

  15. Follow up and feedback with every agent or buyer who visits your home

  16. Round the clock communication

  17. All digital contracts and signatures. No paperwork to keep up with

  18. Dropbox folder link with every signed file included for your records

  19. A trusted advocate, on your side, looking out for your best interests, at all times.

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