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My Town Properties Memphis is founded on these principles to elevate the standards and brand ourselves with accountability to our clients, peers and industry vendors. These principles are vital to who we are and as such, every agent agrees to conduct business and live life that follows in line with these principles.


  1. Integrity. Conduct business with honor, even when no one is watching.

  2. Teamwork. Be a peacemaker in transactions and avoid dissension. Debate ideas and facts not people. Disagree without being disagreeable.

  3. Transparency. Communicate clearly and truthfully. Let your yes be yes and your no be no.

  4. Compassion. Be kind to others. Practice the golden rule. Season your speech with grace and show mercy when you are wronged.

  5. Trust. You represent more than yourself. Our company counts on your reputation to maintain our reputation. 

  6. Stewardship. Responsibly use what you’ve been given to enrich the lives of others around you. 

  7. Community. Spend time intentionally giving back to your community with your time, finances, expertise and knowledge.

  8. Respect. We are all humans. Believe the best about others. Respect people and boundaries. Respect the relationships other agent peers have built.

  9. Ownership. Own your mistakes. We all make them. It’s ok to be human.

  10. Reconciliation. Make right what you’ve mistakenly done. Go the extra distance to create a satisfied client. Seek to reconcile that which has been broken.

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