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My Town Properties Memphis is a Tennessee real estate brokerage serving clients and customers in the Memphis metropolitan area. Our agents will assist you with any type of property anywhere in TN, however we are based out of Memphis, the 901, what we like to call the heart and soul of the state. 


MTPM is owned by Zach Thomas and My Town Management. Zach is the principal broker who oversees the vision, mission, direction of the company. He also works through any contractual issues involving agents and other brokerages. Native to Memphis and having lived in 8 different parts of the Memphis community through his life, Zach is an expert in Memphis geography, directions and understanding what makes Memphians motivated. Zach lived in Berclair, Cordova, Bartlett, Downtown, Northeast Memphis, Arlington, Southaven, and U of M neighborhoods. So when we say we know Memphis, we KNOW MEMPHIS!


My Town Management consists of Noel Fenderson, Preston Burleson and Chris Winchell, owners of the My Town Movers and My Town Maintenance brands. Zach and Noel created a relationship in 2004 and have been friends ever since. The idea for My Town Properties was birthed out of a vision to bring the My Town brands values to the real estate industry providing agents, clients and vendors with a service and business model focused on others first. A portion of all profits goes to support to work of our sister organization, My Town Miracles, a 501(c)3 org. 


We love hardworking, gritty, “earn what you have” type of people, because we are those people. We know you work hard for the living you’ve created for your family and we will work hard for you. We believe everything we have and do has a greater purpose attached. That’s why we want to invest into the lives of people in our communities.


We all are licensed Realtors who adhere to the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics. In addition, we wanted to raise the standard of business from which you can expect our agents to operate. Each of our agents agrees to uphold these standards and live by them. When you see the My Town Properties Memphis brand, we want you to trust there is added value and unique ethics attached to it.

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